“Shut up and vote!” was how black men perceived the Democratic message to them during the 2020 election. In building the election as a referendum on Trump’s presidency, the black political class constructed a binary choice for black America: vote Democrat or as uncle Joe would say, “you ain’t black.”

As polling experts mulled over the opinion data, black men noticeably stood out as an unenthusiastic voting bloc. Many black men felt compelled to raise questions about the efficacy of the Biden-Harris ticket, given their track record enacting draconian criminal justice policies in their previous political lives.

For 40 years…

Recently, a colleague sent me a Medium article written by Dr. Tiffany Jana titled, 5 New Ways White Male Allies Can Step Up Against Racism. As one could imagine, this provocative title immediately grabbed my attention, fueling a curiosity to what this author may suggest as a solution. Upon completing the article, in an unexpected twist, I was dumbfounded by what Dr. Jana had recommended as a remedy for combating racism against black Americans.

Below are a few of her points that I found most compelling:

Share Your Wealth:

Dr. Jana proposed that “sharing actual money can be a form…

Ahmad Mansur

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